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Autism Binder

Autism Binder

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What's included?

All pages are listed in the product description below.

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This comprehensive 65-page Autism Binder includes everything you need to stay organized when taking care of someone on the spectrum. From tracking sheets to medical contacts and meal diaries, you will finally have a simple way to keep all relevant information in a single binder and never miss an appointment ever again!

With the Autism Binder, you can regain control over your child's schedule as well as monitor his progress with ease, and make informed decisions for his health.

Why This Planner Works

  1. Easy Organization | Writing notes on random pieces of paper will make it difficult to find what you need even if you keep them all in one place. The Autism Binder bundles practical planning sheets like the Appointment Tracker, the Daily Care Tracker, and many more for your child's health, school assignments, therapy sessions, and everything in between!
  2. Monitor Development | Kids on the spectrum may progress slower in some areas in which case you can use our handy tracking sheets to monitor their development. Not knowing where you stand can be very frustrating so when you choose to actively monitor your child you will get a clear picture of how far you've come. It's a great way to stay motivated and be grateful for your progress.
  3. Optimized Schedule Planning | Being actively involved in every aspect of your child's life will be much easier if you have the necessary tools to plan his school assignments, medical visits, and therapy sessions. With our planning sheets, you won't feel bad about forgetting anything and your child will definitely benefit from having a solid routine.

What's Included

There are 65 pages in this binder you can use to log, plan, and monitor everything related to your autistic child or family member, including spines for easy binder labeling!

Therapy Log

Allergies List

Prescriptions Tracker

Food Diary

Symptom Tracker

Medical Doctor List

Specialist Doctor List

Appointment Tracker

Questions For The Doctor

Surgeries & Procedures Log

Things To Remember

Vaccination Log

Insurance Information

Exercise Tracker

Sleep Tracker

Weight Tracker

Daily Care Tracker

Caregiver Checklist

Incidents Log

Eye Care Tracker

Dentists Visits

Equipment & Supplies

Weekly To Do List

Vitamin/Supplement Tracker

Notes Sheet

Monthly Goals

Yearly Goals

Habit Tracker

Urgent Care Visits

Developmental Tracker

Growth Tracker

X-Ray List

CT Scan List

Lab Work Results

Ultrasound Results

EEG Results

EKG Results

Meltdown Tracker

Other Contacts

Medical Spending Record

Therapy Goals

Milestone Tracker

Foods To Avoid

Daily Focus

Emotional Check

Productivity Check

Coping Strategies

Bowel Movement Tracker

Therapeutic Activities

Teacher Contacts

Class Schedule

Assignment Schedule

Assignment Planner

Weekly Plan

Daily Plan

Grade Tracker

Study Schedule

Daily Reflection Journal

Weekly Reflection Journal

Personal Reflection Journal

Monthly Reflection Journal