20-Page Fitness Binder đź’Ş

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Your new 20 Page Fitness Binder kick starts your new health and fitness goals! Download these and grab a pen as it’s time to start setting some health/fitness goals. Not just any goals-you are going to set SMART goals with this binder! 

S-Specific (for instance: walk 3 miles everyday) 

M-Measurable (example: run 2 miles each day) 

A-Attainable (exercise 5 days a week, don’t try for 7 when you are starting at 2) 

R-Realistic (don’t set a goal of “I’m going to lose 25 pounds in a month” instead do “I want to lose half pound a week” and go for the long term”) 

T-Timely (example: make this fit into your life goals-career or lifestyle) 

Once you set SMART GOALS, studies show that you are more likely to achieve your goals. 

Included in the 20 Page Fitness Binder: 

Cover Sheet 

Daily Workout Planner 

Daily Food Diary 

Daily Water Tracker 

Fitness Vision Board 

Body Measurement Tracker 

Healthy Recipes to Try 

Weekly Meal Planner 

Fitness Goal Tracker 

Healthy Habits Tracker 

Daily Wellness Journal 

Monthly Steps Tracker 

Daily Reflection Journal 

Weekly Reflection Journal 

Personal Reflection Journal 

Monthly Reflection Journal 


3 Pages of Spines 

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