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Calling all disorganized and frenzied moms out there! Raise your hands! It’s ok, it’s temporary and we’re your support vehicle! Our Mom Binder was created with you all in mind after I went through the same thing. The heart racing, the feeling of never being able to get it all done, feeling behind and stressed all the time. Basically, coming up short just about everywhere. It doesn’t have to be that way for you anymore. 

Mom Binder combines all the pieces of the puzzle you have always needed in one handy spot. You are going to look at these and have several “oh yea” moments. It’s all good. You just might need a little help getting yourself re-organized and you can be off and running! No more MOM BRAIN for you! 

Included in this massive 63 Page Mom Binder aka “REDUCE MY STRESS AND GET ME ORGANIZED” Binder: 

Cover Sheets - 3 different cover sheets for you to choose from 

Personal Section - Daily Planner, Weekly Planner and To Do List. Think of this section as where you are going to navigate from for the week! If you don’t have your Weekly Plan set out, you can’t make a meal plan. If you don’t have a space to write and cross off all of your to-do lists, you can’t know “what to do!” 

Kids - Tasks, Family Contacts, Important Information, Teacher Contacts, Friends Contacts, Class Schedule, Important School Dates, Carpool Planner, Kids School Contacts, Babysitter Information

Kitchen - Shopping List, Weekly Meal Plan, Monthly Meal Plan, Pantry Inventory, Fridge Inventory, Freezer Inventory. 

Finance - Monthly Bill Tracker, Debt Payoff, Daily Spending, Expense Tracker, Monthly Budget Tracker, Savings Tracker. 

Medical - Medical Contacts, Medical History, Medical Insurance 

Cleaning - Daily Cleaning, Weekly Cleaning, Monthly Cleaning, Kids Cleaning, Cleaning Recipes 

Fitness - Daily Habit Tracker, Fitness Vision Board, Daily Workout Plan, Daily Food Diary

Home - Home Maintenance, Password Log, Outdoor Maintenance, Lawn Maintenance, Auto Maintenance

Vacation - Packing List, Travel Itinerary, Attraction Log, Daily Travel Plan, Daily Travel Journal 

Spines - 3 pages of various sizes 

Snag this binder and get organized this weekend! Start next week off on a whole new footing. You’ll be happy and so will your family!