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Puppy Planner

Puppy Planner

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Did you just adopt a brand new little puppy that you are welcoming into your home? Are you wondering what to do and how to do it all? 

This action-packed Puppy Planner springs into action the minute you print it off at home. You can immediately start using this to start tracking milestones, potty training, growth trackers, training logs, and the dreaded, “how much am I spending on this adorable little guy again???” by using the money envelopes and expense tracker hand in hand. 

You and your puppy are going to learn side by side how to develop the skills to be a well-trained and obedient member of your family! I can’t wait to share this precious binder with you and your family. 

  • Cover Sheet 
  • Puppy Training Sheet 
  • Puppy Milestone Sheet 
  • Grooming Log 
  • Walking Tracker
  • Separation Training Log
  • Puppy Supplies Checklist 
  • Activity Log 
  • Potty Training Sheet
  • Socialization Sheet 
  • Training Log 
  • Teeth Cleaning Checklist 
  • Toxic Food List 
  • Toxic Plant List 
  • Growth Tracker 
  • Puppy Expense Tracker
  • Puppy Training Session Report
  • Puppy Training Class Worksheet 
  • First Aid Kit Checklist Filled In 
  • First Aid Kit Checklist Blank

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped)! You will receive an email with the download. If you have ANY issues, please email me at and we will immediately take care of your issue. 

You will be able download and print anytime you need. If we make updates to this printable at a later point, you will receive them free of charge. If you have any questions, again, please email us! :-) We do not offer refunds and these printable are for personal-use ONLY.