Self Care and Wellness Binder

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Why It’s Important to Keep a Self Care Journal 

Developing a life of mindfulness and self care starts with keeping a journal full of daily checklists that will help monitor yourself daily as a self check in. Just a couple minutes a day is all it will take to fill in each section/page you are focusing on. This will allow you to quickly see areas where you need additional support. 

To advance on your journey into taking care of yourself, it is so important to document each day the process you are making and you advance on your journey. 

Taking the time to document each day will allow you to look back and see what is working and what you need to focus more energy on. 

What's Included 

There are 11 PDF Pages included in this printables pack including the following pages: 

Cover Sheets 

Monthly Intentions 

Daily Journal 

Wellness Goals 

Weekly Wellness Tracker 

Happy Moments 

Wellness Routine 

Skincare Routine 

Guided Journal 

Gratitude Journal 

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