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Senior Medical and Wellness Binder

Senior Medical and Wellness Binder

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What's included?

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This Mega 44 Page Senior Medical + Wellness Planner takes everything you and your elderly loved one needs to start tracking, logging and keeping track of all of their medical and wellness needs. To be honest, most of us look for planners like this after a major event has happened to cause us to want to make a change. 

Why This Planner Will Work for You

Organized | Everyone loves the feeling of being organized but it is hard to get there. This binder set puts just about everything you need to track the health of your loved one in one spot. Knowing that when you go to the doctor, all of the documents are there with everything logged in, gives you the assurance you need for a positive doctor’s appointment. 

Confidence Building | If you know your loved one as well as we think you do, you know they love to be in charge and express their confidence. This binder allows them to keep that trend going by documenting everything from food / exercise / vitamins to heart tracker / blood sugar logs / appointment reminders. 

Identify Trends | If you keep up on this binder, it will allow you and your senior family member to see trends that are developing with his or her health. This will allow you to give all of this data to the family doctor and give a more accurate assessment of status of his/her health. This is so much better than "I think it's been 4 months..." or "I'm pretty sure my heart rate is better but the chart shows it's been worse the past several weeks." 

What’s Included 

Cover Sheets 

Blood Sugar Tracker 

Blood Pressure Tracker 

Prescription Tracker 

Medical Information 

Vaccination Log 

Medical Appointments 

Symptom Tracker 

Medical Contacts 

Insurance Information 

Daily Food Journal 

Exercise Tracker 

Arthritis Tracker 

Pulse Tracker 

Sleep Tracker 

Weight Tracker 

Grocery List 

Daily Care Tracker 

Caregiver Daily Checklist 

Meal Feeding Tracker 

Incidents Log 

Eye Care Tracker 

Hospital Visits 

Dentist Visits 

Therapy Log 

Surgeries and Procedures 

Questions for the Doctor 

Things to Remember 

Hospital Bag Checklist 

Equipment and Supplies 

Pain Tracker 

Weekly To Do List 

Vitamin Supplement Tracker 

Depression Tracker 

Sodium Tracker 

Appointment Calendar 

Medical Emergency Info Card 



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